HITH Cyber Training Hub

HITH Technologies Pvt Ltd has a training platform that caters to students interested in learning about cybersecurity. We likely offer courses and programs designed to educate and train individuals on various aspects of cybersecurity, such as ethical hacking, network security, Application security, Web Security, Soc Training and Digital Forensics.

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We believe in the value of collaboration

Our cyber security training programs are designed to be collaborative. Students will work with other students and instructors to solve problems and learn from each other.

Application Security

Application security refers to the practice of protecting software applications from threats and vulnerabilities. In this training, you will dive deep into the fundamental principles of application security, learning about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors. You will be guided through practical exercises and real-world scenarios, enabling you to apply your learning immediately.

Web App Security

Learn how to protect your web applications from attack with this comprehensive web app security training program. Our program covers all aspects of web app security, from threat modeling and vulnerability assessment to penetration testing and remediation. You'll be guided the latest security best practices and how to implement them in your own web applications. You'll also have the opportunity to practice your skills on real-world systems in our secure lab environment.

Network Security

Learn the skills you need to protect your organization's networks from cyberattacks. This comprehensive course covers the fundamentals of network security, including network security architecture, security threats and vulnerabilities, network penetration testing and so on. You'll learn about the different types of network attacks, how to identify and mitigate them, and how to conduct network penetration tests.


This program will teach you the skills you need to protect your organization from cyber threats in a defensive way. Our program covers a wide range of topics, including incident response, threat hunting, and malware analysis. We also offer hands-on training that will give you the opportunity to practice your skills in a realistic environment.

Digital Forensics

This comprehensive program will teach you the skills you need to investigate and analyze digital evidence in a court of law . You will learn about data collection and preservation, file carving, malware analysis, incident response, and legal considerations.

Combined All in one Course

This combined all in one comprehensive cybersecurity training program that will teach you the skills you need to protect your organization from cyberattacks. Our program covers a wide range of topics, including: Application Security, Web Security, Network Security, SOC, Digital Forensics, OSINT and System hacking (Free add on module)

What makes these program unique?

Discover HITH Cyber Training Hub – a unique cybersecurity learning experience. Engage in fun-filled, team-based activities while earning a spot in our esteemed Learner Hall of Fame. Gain practical skills through hands-on training and interact directly with experts in interactive Q&A sessions. Regular assessments track your progress. Join us now to unlock your potential in cybersecurity.

Learner's Hall of Fame

HITH Cyber Training Hub takes pride in recognizing the outstanding performance of its students each month through its "Learner's Hall of Fame". The "Learner's Hall of Fame" is a platform that acknowledges the achievements and contributions of students who have excelled in their cybersecurity training during a specific month.

Team Based Learning

HITH Cyber Training Hub strongly believes in the power of team-based learning and fosters healthy competition among its students to enhance their cybersecurity skills. We believe that collaboration and teamwork are essential in the field of cybersecurity, where multiple perspectives and expertise are often required to tackle complex challenges.

Practical Oriented Training

HITH Cyber Training Hub's labs are designed to provide practical-oriented training and challenges in the areas of application security, web penetration testing, and network penetration testing. These labs offer hands-on experiences that enable students to gain practical skills and knowledge in identifying vulnerabilities and securing applications, websites, and networks.


HITH Cyber Training Hub recognizes the importance of providing a well-rounded learning experience for students. In addition to the technical training and challenges, We also promotes a balanced approach to education by organizing activities like "Friday Funday" and "Sunday Funday" that involve mind games and refreshment games. Friday Funday and Sunday Funday are designated times when students can take a break from their regular training and engage in enjoyable activities that help refresh their minds. These activities may include various mind games, puzzles, riddles, or team-building exercises that stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

Q&A Session

Students will have the opportunity to ask their burning questions about cyber security to the experts. This is a great way to get clarification on any topics that are unclear or to learn more about specific areas of cyber security. The Q&A session is a great way to get involved in the cyber security community. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in cyber security and to get involved in efforts to protect our digital world.


The assessments in our cyber security training program are designed to accurately assess your skills and knowledge. This will help you identify areas where you need improvement and track your progress as you learn. Our assessments provide personalized feedback that will help you improve your cyber security skills. This feedback will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas where you need to focus your studies.

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